Amicon contracts as a Construction Manager on private projects. As a CM, Amicon brings the management expertise necessary to the pre-construction and construction phases of the project

Amicon believes that the most significant factor impacting the control of quality standards, uniformity of space design, budget, phasing and timeliness of delivery is the Owner, Architect/Engineer, CM partnership and the centralization of the communication in the partnership. In all CM projects, Amicon sees itself as the liaison between programming/design and construction. As such, we feel that it is important that Amicon takes a leadership role I that process and act as a communication link between both the design and construction process as well as the CM partners.

Amicon, during the pre-construction phase, develops budget estimates and tracks project costs from conceptual design through final construction. This process may include alternative design analysis, value engineering, cost benefit analysis, material selection studies, constructability reviews as well as studying the effects of project phasing, site logistics, existing conditions, and material lead times.

Amicon’s construction management team provides on-site project management that has been coordinated with the Pre-construction services group through the design phase so that all project managers, superintendents, project engineers, and staff assistants understand the goals and objectives of the project form the very beginning. Maintaining the communication link is vital to the overall success of the project.

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